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Game Design Orbis Games, LLC
Executive Producer Shannon Cusick
Producers John Arras, Shannon Cusick, Dave Rickey
Programming John Arras
Animator Laura Raines Smith
Content Artists Collossal Studios LLC, eGenisis (ATITD), Paul Grimshaw, and Chrisi Ssthisto Reid
Quality Assurance & Game testers (and Nef's right hand 'men)Ann, Danielle Childers, Ashley Clements, Nitara Dahmpiel, Katherine Davis, Lori Ford, LaVone Green, Kyle Hutchison, Beth Kusnetz, Denise Marshall, Lou Maus, Ashley McNorris, Sherry Tirrell, Jasmine Williams, and alphabetically last but not least, Tacoma Zevallos
Web Design Collossal Studios LLC (graphics & design), Shannon Cusick (programming)
Angels - Special thanks - could not do with out you!Barry Cusick, Heidi Haughey, Karen & Keith Hutchison, Kyle Hutchison, Laura Smith, Donald Teal & Ducks Den Productions, and Andrew Tepper & eGenisis.