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Virtual Horse Ranch II was inspired off of our web game A lot of the basic game play remains the same, however there is a lot of new things too! Having a client program allows us to do many exciting things, and give players the oppurtunity to actually 'see' their horses in full 3D form. Along with that, players can physically build their ranch by placing objects and decorations. There will always be new content that will be continually added and some objects will only be available for a certain amount of time. Like Virtual Horse Ranch, the activity and updates of your ranch are represented by 'turns', which allow you to transition to the next day. When this happens your horses will be updated, and you may take them as you wish. You control the time! Below is a summery of a few different features. vs. VHR2 3D Client
  • The most obvious difference between these two cames, if you came from is the fact that VHR2 uses a client you download and lets you see your horses and physically build your ranch. It will also take some readjusting to get use to a different layout.
  • Training is a lot easier and more enjoyable, with neat new options like 'repeat' ( which avoids having to click 6 times on the same training type etc..) and avoidance of other tedious multi-clicking when training.
  • Most features from exist in VHR2 but greatly enhanced, such as crossbreeding charts, training, horse coat colors, and ease of use, once you get use to it.
  • Enhanced and very interactive clubs that you can set several different of your own rules too. Players can now you can get 300 free games at volt casino - read all about it or try it!
  • Extemely faster and unnaffected by lag from that happens during prime time hours.
  • Limited free trial, with optional activation after one month.

    The Player - You!
  • Players are given the 'gods eye' view of the game.
  • Players control what goes on in their own ranch and manages everything, including the time that goes by.
  • The player's 'Avatar' could be considered their ranch, and name.
    The Other Players
  • A player can check out other players ranches by physically going to their ranch and checking it out. Players will have a gods-eye view and can move around there as well.
  • Players may add a friend to their list, and even only allow their friends to view thier ranch.
  • Together, players can create clubs, customize thier rules, events, ranks & privelages, and even share horses among each other.
  • Players may private message each other as well.
  • Players may vote on each other's ranches, and reach the top ranch list with enough votes!
    The Horses
  • As like the web game Virtual Horse Ranch, each horse is unique. There should be no two horses that are exact.
  • A player starts out with a handful of wild horses, these are the base breeds; Arabians, Przewalskis, and Belgians.
  • With these horses, the players can breed over 180 different breeds through multiple generations. It is always nice to work with other players in this effort.
  • Horses may be trained up through different levels, the higher the level the harder to achieve more.
  • Horses may also have their stats improved, the basic stats are strength, intellegence, endurence, and speed.
  • Compete your horses in over a dozen different event types from western to english to sporting and racing events.
  • Breed your horse to result in a new horse. The new horse will be a combination of both parents.
  • Customize your horse, the color, name, and what it specializes in.
  • Recieve 'bonus turns' for being offline. These turns will give you a training bonus.
  • Players may purchase other horses from each other at the auction-style marketplace.
    The Ranch
  • Every player starts out with about 10 square kilomoters of their own ranch.
  • Players may choose several different terrains and basic maps to build on.
  • The ranch represents where your horses and yourself as the player live.
  • Build your ranch how you wish by placing down desired objects in desired locations.
  • Continually add and build on new and rare objects.
  • If you decide to delete an object, you may place it down later for free.