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Welcome! This is an orientation and tutorial on starting to play Virtual Horse Ranch II

Unlike (VHR2)- this game is a 'client' based game and not a 'web' based game.

If you have not downloaded and installed the game yet, you will need to do so to play.

After agreeing to the rules you will need to follow the instructions on the download page on installing VHR2.
If you are having technical problems starting the game, Visit the Knowledge Base on Getting the game to work. If your on the game and wondering what to do, click Next

If you are unable to start the first part- which updates the game, you may need to update Java on your system.
First, see if you need to update. If you do not have that option, then go to to download and install JRE.

A lot of common problems, such as 'memory errors' or display issues and not being able to view the game correctly are cases of graphic drivers needing to be updated. Most Graphic drivers need to be updated often to play any game. The knowledge base thread should show you how to:
1) Identify which Graphic Card you have.
2) Show you which site to go to - that corresponds with the company that made your drivers.
3)After finding the driver that matches your graphic card, you download, install, and reboot your computer.

If things are still funny, you may need to change your display settings for your computer. Instructions here .

If your still having problems, and you have gone through the Knowledgebase, Then use other support and help options here.

Once you get the game updated and started- it is time to learn to play!