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Jun 15, 2008
Added the ability to search for club horses in the marketplace. Sorry, I keep forgetting to update this when I make changes. Sept 24, 2007
You can now change the speed of the horse you're riding by hitting r to go faster and f to go slower. Update Jun 16, 2007
If you're in a club, you can now /join club# channel, like if you're in club 3, you can /join club3 and chat in it. Server update Oct 18
The horse limit for free accounts is now 40, but it's a hard cap now so you can't transfer lots of horses into one account that just never takes turns. We will also be cracking down on multiple accounts. Don't have multiple accounts. Updates 88-89: Oct 15
Wow, I am terrible at putting these updates in here. Sorry. There have been updates just about every week but I forget what I've done since then. Remind me if you download an update and nothing gets put up here and I will do it. (
  • Added brands to horses which is the ranch where the horse was born.
  • Added and "owners" list to horses which means when a horse changes hands, the owneers list is updated with the price and date of the transaction and who it went to. The owners list is updated when the horse is born, sold at auction, or in a private bid, and transferred out of a club to a player.
  • You can message all members of a club now, and reply to all members (a few bugs here)

Updates 72-76: Sept14
  • Updated chat to add channels: chat rp trade so you can join and leave them as you wish to not listen to certain things if you want. Use /leave rp or /join chat and such to tell what to join and leave.
  • Changed how tophorses for different training types are calculated. It's now based on the score, wins, places, shows and number of events to try to make it more reasonable.
  • You can now rescue horses on ranches that haven't logged in for a while. If a player hasn't logged in for 120 days, you can buy horses off their ranch for as little as $250 and as much as $40000 in some cases depending on the quality of the horse. You can get to the rescue interface by looking at the marketplace search and near the bottom where you can pick horses For Sale, Not For Sale, For Stud, there is another option for Rescue. If you choose Rescue you will see rescue horses and you can narrow the search using the options on the rest of the page.
  • Some other internal errors and bugfixes added.
Update 67-68: Aug 5
  • Club events should show the club as the host.
  • Players should be able to make 6 events independent of their club events.
  • Clubs can have up to 8 events pending.
  • You can now search for horses by base stats and stats (which are trained stats).
  • You should be able to return those stuck leases now.
  • Events now require at least 5 entries (individual or team depending on the event) AND they require at least 3 distinct players to enter so you can't just enter all of your own horses into an event.
  • Trial events will be worth a lot less score (1/10 of previous).
  • ******************** The top horses scoring for trained horses is going to be dramatically changed. There are issues with the way it is now. Basically, if you win a few events or come near the top in a few events, then you get a high ranking and people who enter lots of events and do well in many but don't win them all do worse. We will change it so it takes into account the number of events you enter, and how well you do and your average score and so forth.
Update 71: Aug 17, 2006
  • You can now see what horses another ranch has on the market by clicking the "On Market" button on their public ranch view page.
  • You can heal horses from within the training page.
  • Bonus turns are changed: You now gain 5x as many bonus turns per hour offline (after the 6 hours minimum rest), but now each time you take a turn only one bonus turn is taken per horse you turn (up to a max of 5). So this means if you train your horses a few at at a time you will get more turns to work on them, and if you train many horses you will also get more bonus turns out of them. If you always train 5 horses at a time, nothing will change for you. :)
Update 70: Aug 9, 2006
  • You can put horses up for stud or sale for much longer periods of time.
  • The put horse up for sale page has two buttons now: One for selling, and one for studding to try to minimize the confusion.
  • You can now put your horses into categories 1-8 instead of 1-3.
  • Leases work better now. You can lease for longer periods of time, and the competing/breeding switch bug is fixed, and you can now set the number of times you wish to breed the horse instead of being stuck with just 1.
Update 69: Aug 8, 2006
Added searches in the marketplace for base stats and trained stats. Added next and prev buttons on the horse info page to let you loop through your horses (by ID) from that page alone. Update 63-66: July 28, 2006
  • Added the ability to send tells to other players using the /tell command in the chat window. Use /tell playerid message to do this. Can't use playername since they can have spaces in them.
  • Left-clicking on a line of text from a player in the chat window puts /tell playerid into the entry window.
  • Right-clicking on a line of text in the chat window brings up the public ranch view for that player.
  • Hopefully cleaned up the animations a bit.

Update 60: July 27, 2006
Took out the huge update.
Important notice: Jul 26, 2006
Some players were changing skin or color names and the other object (the skin or color) wasn't changing so people were getting funky color/skin combinations on foals. Email John at with horse_id's that have funky skin/color combos and I will change the skin name to match the color word name. That should fix the problem for most people I hope. Sorry about that. Also the horses in the marketplace now have their skin names and RGB values listed so you can get a better idea of what a horse will look like without having to load the ranch and look at it.

Update 49-53: June 28, 2006
  • Everyone has been given 500 tokens!
  • New ranches are set with a few buildings to play around with.
  • We are in the process of removing product keys, if you are having problems logging in after a reinstall, please email or call 512-291-6975
  • When building items, Shift-Z and Shift-C rotate items 15 degrees at a time, to align things up easier.
Update 45-48: June 14, 2006
  • The chat system was changed to allow colors, so if you're logged in and can't see chat you need to log out and get these updates.
  • Fixes to events: the program hanging when you have lots of horses should be fixed. The problem with club events not restricting entries should be fixed.
  • Events now have a minimum level you can set for entries.
  • You should be able to breed leased horses more than once.
  • You can enter twice as many horses into team events, so you can have 2 teams of 4 or 4 teams of 2 if you wish.
  • You should be able to create club only events and the open/closed event switch is fixed.
  • A bunch of small typo changes and things like that.
Update 38-44 I forgot to do this and don't recall what these were. Sorry. Update 33-37: May 12, 2006
  • Small chat client added to the game. You can see when your friends log on and off the game and you don't see chats from people you've ignored.
  • You can now scratch horses from events that haven't run. Any bets placed on the horse are returned. You scratch a horse by finding it in the event page.
  • The horse info page has been changed slightly. You can view events the horse has entered, and a few other things have been moved around.
  • Events will not run unless there are at least 5 horses or teams in them.
  • When looking at another player's horse, you can now bid on it or buy it out if it's on auction, and you can stud the horse out if it's up for stud.
Update 28-32: May 5, 2006
  • New skins have been added: Bloody Shoulder, Black Draft, Blue Roan, Frost, Palomino Tobiano, Pangare, Robicano, Silver Dapple, Snowcap, Sooty, Varnish Roan. These will be breedable- appropriate to their breeds.
  • New - chat! Enjoy :)
  • Accounting ledger should be fixed- let us know if you see problems with this!
  • Buy Now Feature for horses for sale added to horse view panel as well.
  • Various small fixes - including a bug that would not allow you to message some people - have been fixed.
Update 22-27: April 5, 2006
  • Neat new painting features for buildings and horses, ways to save colors and select default ones.
  • Various GUI fixes to make things less cluttered and more simple, such as a community section (second people icon down)
  • Z and C now rotate buildings when constructing.
Update 18-22: March 22, 2006
  • Horses now respond to collision, building fences and buildings will make them run around the building and not through it :)
  • New keypad keys used for moving around - fps style keys-to move camera: W (forward) A (rotate left) S (Backwards) D (rotate right), Q (move left) and E (move right).
Update 17: March 21, 2006
  • Classic Style Terrain is now a completely flat terrain for easier building.
  • New Referral Program! If you refered someone or were refered by a friend, be sure to visit your account panel to give the person refering a 500 token credit! (paid accounts only)
  • Due to recent account creation abuse, new accounts now only recieve 20,000 playcash upon sign up, and 100,000 additional playcash upon activation.